About Us

Welcome to The AES SIGNATUM
  • AES Signatum is the oldest known official currency used in the world by the Roman in 400 – 500 BC
  • Today, AES Signatum is the new decentralised public ledger financial payment medium using the blockchain technology. It is a fully mined cryto currency with fixed supply of 280million AES
  • The proceeds from AES ICO will be used to develop an ASEAN officially endorsed and recognised Exchange System for new ICOs
  • Up to 30% of the ICO proceeds will be kept as reserve in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin
  • AES upon listing, can be used for payment for selected choice real estates world wide, insurance and trust scheme. It can also be used for remittance and asset transfer amongst ASEAN countries.
  • The profits from the fees earned in Exchange and listing will be distributed back to investors as dividends in the form of AES coins.
Our System
What is ASEAN Exchange System?
  • ASEAN has a population of about 650 million and still increasing
  • There is a huge interest in crypto currency and yet there is no proper ofgicial endorsed Exchange System to check the ICO background and proper crytocurrency trading system
  • AES will be the first self-regulated decentralised Fiat-to-Crytocurrency and Inter-Crytocurrency Exchange for the ASEAN countries
  • All ICO going for listing on AES will go through stringent credit and background checks before listing is approved
  • Two-level security and authentication for user login and account access
  • Web and App based
  • Order types supported by AES:
    – Market: exchange at current market price
    – Limit: exchange at above and below market price
    – Margin: Leverage with existing coin or token in account
  • Asean Future Exchange System (AFES): Long / Short positions allowed

AES Signatum
Why Choose Us
Payment Service

The AES Pay allows AES smart contracts to interact with assets that live outside of the AES virtual machine.In the future, the payment service will support assets on non-digital assets such as USD, serving as a gateway for the trade of off-chain assets on AES.


Universal Prepaid Mastercard will be lauched for withdrawal and global purchase usage.


based on a trusted, off-chain matching engine. This matching engine works exactly like its equivalent in a centralized exchange, but only has control over active orders, and commits trades on-chain without access to the full balance of a user account. Like exchanges based on off-chain relay, AES orders are matched off-chain and fulfilled on-chain, but AES automatic matching engine reduces opportunities for arbitrage and allows for more complex orders.


To ensure that no third-party can execute a fraudulent trade between users, the trade method of the exchange smart contract will only accept orders signed by a private key held by the matching engine.